Unusual Abs Workout That Work Better Than Traditional Abs Exercises

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Many of you think that you have to do typical ab exercises like sit ups or crunches. There is nothing wrong with these exercises, however there are also different exercises that actually have a greater impact on your abs than typical exercises. Below 3 of the most effective workouts that indirectly work your abs and your whole body for increased metabolism. These exercises are unlike any other you may have come across before.

1 - Barbell front squats - The starting position is like the back squats. Place the barbell in front of your shoulder and stabilize it, then cross your arms and grab the barbell by laying your hands over the bar with our elbow facing forward. Next, while stabilizing the barbell, lower your butt down while keeping your knees bend and up again to the start position. You will feel your abs working to stabilize the movement, even though the exercise also works your legs.

2 - Push up dumbbell row - Hold two dumbbells and go into a push up position. Stabilize the start position and maintain your back straight. Next, lift your left dumbbell to your body and use the another hand to stabilize the movement, bring the dumbbell to the floor and repeat it with another hand. This way you will be working out your abs when you are stabilizing your action.

3 - Leg shuffle - Go into the push up position and then move your left feet internally so that your knees are underneath your abs. At that point, shift back to the push up position. Repeat for the other leg. You will find that your abs burning after this workout.

For best results, do at least 3 sets of 10 reps and rest no more than 30 seconds between sets. These are 3 of the best abs workout that impact your abs in addition to a full body workout. If you are serious about shedding your extra stomach fat you have to have a look to Fighter Abs, a body weight program that builds your abs to a fighter level. Read this review of Fighter Abs.

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